The 2024 boxes for presents stands out with new, creative and sophisticated design ideas. Specifically, these are clever designs that combine tradition and modernity, creating gift box products that are both beautiful and unique.

Collection of “hot trend” boxes for present models 2024

Unrealistic creative gift box

The unrealistically creative box for gift is proof that “Creative possibilities are endless.” These gift boxes have unique designs, breaking the inherent packaging principles and structure.

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Sustainable boxes for gift

The sustainable trend continues to grow strongly in 2024. Specifically, materials such as kraft paper or recycled cardboard with a rustic and familiar appearance are trendy for gift box production.

In addition, the advantage of recycled boxes for gifts is that they are cheap and easy to find at retail stores.

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Boxes for presents with attractive decorations and colors

A gift packaging with a thoughtful design and eye-catching color combination always makes a strong impression. 2024 is the year of creativity and flight. Therefore, gentle pastel tones, colorful neon, or a combination of contrasting colors are all popular.

In addition, decorative gift boxes with sophisticated motifs, from traditional patterns to modern and creative designs, are also a widely applied trend.

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Gift packaging emphasizes personalization

This type of gift box will have a design that reflects the image and style of the giver. Please refer to ways to skillfully print logos, private messages, or special images on boxes for presents:

  • Hot foil stamp the logo or brand name
  • UV/IR shaped coating details
  • Cover the entire surface of the box or particular locations with glitter
  • Debossing or embossing information logo, brand name, and slogan

Combining small details creates an overall high-class and practical personalization box for gifts.

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Minimalist but luxurious boxes for presents

“Simple but not simple” has always been a lasting trend and has dominated the gift box market for many years. Representing the trend are gift boxes with simple designs and few details but still exuding delicate beauty.

The highlight of this packaging is the use of high-quality materials, such as art paper, combined with neutral colors and printing effects to create a thoughtful box for a gift.

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3D present boxes

3D boxes for gifts will be designed with layered image structures or miniature models, bringing an entirely new visual experience. In addition, this gift packaging should use bright colors to maximize the 3D effect.

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Telling story gift packaging

Each box for presents has its meaning and function. However, the common point of gift packaging is to express the heart and convey the giver’s message.

Elements such as images and text are cleverly combined to express the giver’s thoughts and feelings. This enhances the experience of receiving gifts and creates memorable memories.

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4 notes to buy gift boxes that suit your needs

Have you memorized the points to keep in mind when choosing the right gift box, in addition to design, color, and style? Khang Thanh introduces you to 4 special notes that not all packaging companies reveal.

Determine the goal

First, you need to clearly determine the purpose of giving gifts and choose a box for present with the appropriate design, style, and material.

Referring to the following specific examples and how to choose the appropriate boxes for presents accordingly:

  • Corporate event: Gift boxes should have a luxurious design and clearly show the company’s style. Use neutral colors like black, white, and gray.
  • Personalized purpose: Choose a box that is user-friendly and highly personal. Refer to this gift packaging sample here.
  • Special occasions: These will be birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day events. Therefore, the boxes for gifts should have an image design or banner that represents the meaning of the event.
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Pay attention to suitable materials

Choosing a box for a present with appropriate materials will maintain the durability and aesthetics of the gift packaging. Below are popular materials used for gift boxes:

  • Duplex paper

The duplex paper has two faces, one bright white side and one gray side. Therefore, the advantage of boxes for gifts made from Duplex paper is the ability to adhere well to ink, thereby creating beautiful prints thanks to the white side of the paper.

In addition, this type of paper has high hardness and durability, suitable for wine gift boxes, cosmetic gift packaging or electronic appliances.

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  • Ivory paper

Ivory paper has two smooth white surfaces and a sophisticated and highly aesthetic appearance. In addition to producing present boxes, Ivory paper is also popular as accompanying paper gift bags.

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  • Kraft paper

Kraft paper is usually a natural brown color, suitable for rustic or environmentally friendly gift boxes. It is a great choice for those who have a green lifestyle and love simplicity.

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  • Art paper

It is a high-quality paper that can be customized in colors and surface effects. Fine art paper is suitable for high-end brands with customer segments willing to spend a lot on gift packaging.

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Focus on gift box printing technology

Printing technology plays an essential role in creating delicate patterns on the surface of gift packaging. To choose the right printing method, you should pay attention to production time, budget, and quantity of gift box printing.

  • Offset printing

Offset printing is the most popular technology, providing good print quality, sharp colors, and high accuracy. However, this technique will be suitable for bulk boxes for gift orders to save costs.

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  • Flexo printing

Flexo printing allows printing directly on the material’s surface and is often used for carton gift box products. This technique can print quickly at a good cost.

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  • Rotogravure printing

Gravure printing is often used for high-end boxes for presents. This technology allows the printing of images that require detail and sharpness, suitable for complex designs.

However, it is less popular because the initial investment cost is high and it is not suitable for printing small orders.

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  • Silk printing

Screen printing is a screen printing technology that allows printing on many different materials, such as paper, fabric, and wood. Because the printing speed is slow, it is suitable for producing small quantity orders, limited gift packaging, and requiring special effects.

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  • Digital printing

Digital printing is suitable for small orders. This technique allows for fast printing, but the print will not be as sharp and delicate as offset or flexo printing.

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Choose a reputable paper packaging supplier

Choosing a reputable gift box manufacturer is an important factor in ensuring that product quality meets standards, saving time, and minimizing risks.

Below are reasons to help you believe that choosing a comprehensive gift box printing service provider will bring benefits:

  • Experience and reputation: A company with rich experience in the gift packaging field will provide comprehensive printing services, high flexibility, and good risk-handling ability.
  • Customer service: Large Merchandising team, ready to advise and support throughout the production process, from sample agreement to delivery.
  • Updating trends: To continuously innovate, packaging companies constantly update the latest packaging trends to advise customers, as well as lay the foundation for new, long-term development.
  • Packaging quality: First, rely on samples to mass-produce gift boxes. Then, the quality inspection team will check the finished product before delivering it to the customer.
  • Reasonable price: To invest in machinery for sustainable and long-term production, when ordering in large quantities, you will quickly achieve a reasonable and suitable price.

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