Businesses’ shipping and packing strategies have undergone a dramatic change. Leading this shift is the use of paper shipping bags, which are now the standard option for environmentally friendly shipping.

Let’s explore the 4 reasons behind the growing acceptance of these environmentally friendly substitutes and how they are reshaping the shipping sector.

What are paper corrugated padded mailers?

The paper shipping bag is made 100% from recyclable paper but still protects the product well from external impacts such as dirt and water. Designed for logistical efficiency, these mailers come in various standard sizes, ensuring they perform on par with traditional plastic bubble wrap-filled envelopes.

Besides that, paper mailer bags are designed to transport goods safely and conveniently. This type of paper packaging is popular for use by shipping units, e-commerce companies, or retail businesses with delivery needs.

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Paper envelope bags are come in handy

The strength of self-seal mailing bags is that they ensure three factors: safety, convenience, and savings.

Safety: The delivery packaging has a 2-layer corrugated structure that is intelligently distributed and evenly spread. This helps the bag have standard rigidity and protect goods well during transportation.

Convenience: Paper mailing bags have an easy-to-use structure and a variety of sizes, from standard to customised, that are suitable for all customer needs.

Cost-effective: Because they are made from paper and use automatic machines in mass production, kraft paper mailers ensure reasonable costs and can completely replace plastic bags.

Furthermore, these paper mailer bags are light, easy to arrange and classify, thus reducing time, costs, and convenience in the goods delivery process.

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Kraft paper mailers: Easy to use and user-friendly

There is no need to waste time opening complicated seals because the corrugated mailer bags have a minimalist and user-friendly design. Inaddition, the paper package will print detailed information and instructions, such as:

  • The barcode or QR code of the order information
  • Symbols, instructions for packaging and opening the seal
  • Information about the company and shipping unit

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Eco-friendly paper mailing bags

Every year, the world releases nearly 300 million metric tonnes of plastic waste into the environment. This situation is partly due to the habit of using disposable plastic packaging. Therefore, changing behaviour and converting plastic packaging into recycled mailer bags is right and easy to do.

Moreover, choosing our low-carbon footprint corrugated paper-padded envelopes helps save 210.01 kg of CO2 equivalent emissions for every 1000 pieces used, compared to traditional virgin paper products, further solidifying your commitment to protecting the planet.

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Brand recognition with recycled shipping bags

Using paper mailer bags can help a brand’s interaction with its customers by reflecting its values. When customers receive a box that is clearly created with the environment in mind, it improves their opinion of the brand and encourages repeat purchases.

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