With Ariel’s commitment to reducing 30% plastic in the Fabric Care business in Europe by 2025. The ECOCLIC paper box packaging was born. The cardboard box is recyclable and designed to be child safe.

Let’s find out what makes a remarkable difference when using eco-friendly paper box packaging.

(References from Packaging Europe and Ariel UK)

How has paper box packaging changed?

According to Samantha King, Vice President of R&D at P&G Fabric Care Europe, the new paper box’s features and functionality are three times superior: sustainable, safe and saving.

Sustainable: Ariel’s cardboard box is FSC certified. That means paper packaging has clear traceability, and is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is an important step in P&G’s plastic reduction journey. In fact, if all Ariel users in Europe switched to ECOCLIC paper boxes, 6,500 tons of plastic per year could be reduced. A significant contribution to building a sustainable and healthy market.

Safe: This ECOCLIC paper box is certified safe for children. Replace plastic containers with user-friendly paper ones. The design of the paper box and loud “click” sound indicates the package is securely closed after use and keeps it safe for children. This is one of the most innovative packaging solutions P&G has ever made.

Saving: Thanks to COOLCLEAN technology (removing stains in cold water) helps to remove stains directly. This helps consumers reduce the emissions generated by in-house laundry. And above all, contribute to helping users have more sustainable choices.

What’s interesting about the smart paper box design?

For P&G, child safety is always the first priority when designing laundry packaging. But it also needs to be convenient and easy to use for adults. Therefore, ECOCLIC with a smart and convenient design was released.

Besides, paper box design with buttons that only adults can open. That means they are safe for children. Along with a “click” sound when closing, helps ensure the paper box is closed securely.

Along with that button, people with visual impairments can also identify the detergent box as easy to use.

hop-giay-tai-che-Ariel 1

(Source: Ariel UK)

Why is laundry detergent paper box packaging suitable?

Based on customer needs and expectations, P&G performed tests. The breakthrough came when P&G observed how consumers interacted with sample paper boxes.

From research by P&G, they say consumers prefer Ariel’s packaged “click” audio cues. P&G spent a lot of time looking for the right materials that could make the “click” sound, and the paper packaging can do it.

Thanks to FSC certification, as well as the research and development process of paper packaging. This type of laundry box ensures durability and moisture-proof properties. Helps the box to be stored in a humid environment without affecting recyclability in the future.

hop-giay-tai-che-FSC 1

The above uses and characteristics of the ECOCLIC box completely meet the expectations of manufacturers as well as consumers.

Choosing a paper packaging manufacturer that meets sustainability is extremely important. The manufacturing company needs FSC certification and other social certifications to ensure future quality.

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