In the jewelry industry, owning beautiful and quality cardboard jewelry boxes is a key factor to attract customers. Explore the production process of cardboard jewelry boxes at reputable packaging companies and find out why they are so popular.

Cardboard jewelry boxes are a packaging solution that meets 3 criteria: good protection – beautiful design – affordable price.

Specifically, jewelry boxes cardboard is composed of the following 3 basic parts:

The first is the outer layer, which is printed with patterns and represents the aesthetics of the cardboard boxes for jewelry. Popular paper types for printing surfaces are Duplex, Ivory and Couche because of their good ink adhesion and good price.

However, if you need to save maximum costs and do not require high aesthetics, some jewelry boxes will directly use brown Kraft paper or carton paper as the outer surface.


Next is the corrugated stay between the layer and the bottom layer. Evenly spread wavelengths distribute force, increasing the durability and hardness of the cardboard jewelry box.

The aesthetics of the middle layer is low, so it is necessary to cover the surface with paper to increase the neatness of the cardboard boxes for jewelry. However, this is the most important structure of the box to protect the accessories inside well.


Finally, the bottom inside the box is made of the same material as the surface layer. The main purpose of the inside is to complete the neatness of the jewelry box.

In addition, the only difference is that the inside face will not have the logo and printed information to save costs.


Khang Thanh builds a production process for paper packaging in general, and jewelry boxes cardboard in particular, to ensure product quality meets standards when delivered to customers.

Before starting production, the packaging company will work with the customer to understand their wishes and agree on the jewelry box design idea.

Specifically, Khang Thanh will rely on customers’ needs and budget to agree on the following factors:

  • Packaging materials
  • Cardboard boxes for jewelry style and size
  • Colors, images and patterns
  • Desired printing techniques and surface effects for cardboard jewelry packaging

Next, the packaging company will visualize the customers’ ideas and needs using appropriate design software, including the shape, structure, information, and images of the cardboard jewelry box.

In addition, the design department needs to ensure feasibility, efficiency and optimization of the production process, as well as delivery and customer experience.


After step 2, the packaging company will make a real sample so that customers have a realistic picture of the cardboard jewelry gift boxes. Then, if changes are needed, the customer will make adjustments at this step to avoid wasteful changes during mass production.

At Khang Thanh, sample production is an essential step. In addition to unifying with customers, this method can check the shape, printing color, information, and feasibility of cardboard jewelry packaging. Thus, we can offer more optimal methods to save customers costs.


Once the customer approves the cardboard jewelry box for mass production, the packaging company will proceed with molding and prepress. This process includes:

  • Prepare cutting molds: Using specialized software to create cutting molds according to the size and shape of the cardboard boxes for jewelry
  • Preparing prints: According to approved designs, including page layout and creating prints to optimize space and minimize waste

This is an important step to ensure the jewelry box packaging is the correct size and shape.


The next step is offset printing, which helps create cardboard jewelry boxes with shape images and bright and durable colors, enhancing the product’s aesthetic value.

Khang Thanh uses modern offset printing machines from 3 to 8 colors, which are performed by skilled printers to ensure prints meet the highest standards.

In addition, it is important to ensure that all printed sheets meet standards and are continuously checked for quality before moving on to the processing stage to minimize errors.


After printing, the paper box will be processed to complete the finished product as required. At this step, depending on the jewelry box agreed in step 1 and step 3, proceed with the appropriate step.

  • Finished product packaging step: laminating, die cutting, gluing, folding…
  • Surface effects: laminating, debossing, embossing, hot foil stamping, UV/IR/Varnish coating…

After producing large quantities, the packaging company will conduct a quality check on the finished products to ensure that the cardboard jewelry boxes are neat and meet the correct requirements before delivering to customers.

In addition, Khang Thanh also complies with international standard systems such as GMI, G7, ISO 9001 2015, ISO 14001 2015, etc., to meet the needs of customers who require high standards or export.


Facing and listening to shortcomings to improve is the way Khang Thanh aims to enhance the quality of products and better services every day.

At this step, the customer care team listens to customer feedback to provide solutions and avoid errors in future collaborations. This not only helps Khang Thanh understand customers better but also creates trust and a strong bond.


Because it is made from paper packaging, jewelry boxes are highly flexible and suitable for each type of jewelry product.

  • Small cardboard jewelry ring boxes
  • Small cardboard box for earrings
  • Cardboard box for necklace or bracelet
  • Or custom cardboard jewelry gift boxes
  • Watch box
  • Cardboard box for cufflinks
  • Large cardboard boxes for jewelry

Khang Thanh provides advanced production processes which will help you receive perfect paper packaging products to protect and honor your products and gifts.