Jewelry packaging boxes are not only a place to store precious accessories but also a symbol of sophistication and class. Discover sparklingly beautiful jewelry box models at reasonable prices with high-quality paper and creative designs with Khang Thanh.

Jewelry box packaging structure

Before exploring popular box models, let’s understand the structure that makes up the complete jewelry packaging:

  • Box lid: This is the top part used to cover and protect the accessories inside. The lid can be designed as a magnetic lid or a full-depth lid that covers all the box.
  • Inner tray: Jewelry is often small, so you should use foam padding to help the box be plump and protect the product well.
  • Box base: The bottom has the function of reinforcing the tray inserted while keeping the accessory stable and not moving.

The characteristics of jewelry packaging are the size that fits your hand, from small to medium. The approximate length is 8 – 12cm, the width is 5 – 8cm, and the height is 2.5 – 5cm. Therefore, the cost of producing large quantities of paper jewelry boxes will reach a reasonable price.


6 jewelry packaging models

Below are 6 stunning and affordable jewelry packaging boxes that you can refer to:

1. Ring box

Ring boxes are usually designed to be compact in the palm of your hand, with a small foam base with a hole in the middle to hold the ring in place.

Some luxury rigid ring boxes are also combined with high-quality materials such as leather, velvet, or satin to increase aesthetics.


2. Earring box

Earrings are quite small and are usually given in two or more pieces. Therefore, you should use a lid and base paper jewelry box or box with a magnetic lid to ensure they close tightly.

In addition, this accessory packaging will use soft cushions with small compartments to keep the earrings neat and fixed.

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3. Watch box

Unlike small adornments, watches are often larger and have diverse styles. Accordingly, the watch box will be customized to meet customer needs.

Some custom jewelry packaging boxes structures you can refer to:

  • Automatic magnetic jewelry box
  • Jewelry box with lid
  • Drawer watch box
  • Or a leather rigid box for a high-end watch
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4. Bracelet box

Similar to the models above, each bracelet jewelry box has a luxurious cotton, foam or EVA tray to keep the product inside safe.

Besides, the smart and streamlined structure has helped accessory boxes become versatile and suitable for selling online or at booths, fairs and retail stores.

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5. Necklace box

Jewelry packaging often uses sturdy paper with a weight of 1000 – 1500 GSM to ensure a beautiful shape.

Besides, to highlight the brand image, necklace boxes, in particular, and jewellery box packaging, in general, will use the brand’s typical colours. This creates a colour recognition effect for effective marketing and optimizes the display function of jewellery boxes at retail stores, supermarkets or shopping centres.

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6. Cufflink box

Nowadays, cufflinks have become elegant accessories for men and unique jewelry for women. Therefore, cufflink jewelry box packaging is also popular as high-end gift boxes.

The jewelry box containing cufflinks is compact, luxurious, and sophisticated, suitable for giving to partners, superiors, and colleagues on special occasions such as birthdays, launching ceremonies, or anniversaries.

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Why should we produce jewelry boxes?

The production of paper jewelry boxes not only has a protective effect, but also brings many other important benefits to both consumers and brands. Here are the reasons you should consider manufacturing jewelry packaging boxes:

Building brand image

Looking at the development of reputation jewelry brands such as Swarovski, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, or Van Cleef & Arpels, you can see they invest a lot in the appearance of jewelry packaging. This could be an investment in color, box material, printing details, and attached accessories.

A classy jewelry box with bold brand images and colors is a way to build an optimized image that can bring immediate and effective results.

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Attract customers’ attention

Beautiful accessories can attract customers’ attention, but this is true but not enough. At shopping centers, where jewelry stores are concentrated, beautiful, smart, and eye-catching displays are another important factor that attracts customers.

At this time, jewelry packaging boxes play a key role. Specifically, with a perfect, sophisticated, and luxurious design, accessories boxes can stimulate vision and attract customers’ attention.

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Jewels protection function

Jewelry packaging helps protect high-end gems from dust, scratches and other damaging factors. Gift boxes are an effective way to ensure that your products are always in perfect condition when they reach customers.

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Enhance customer experience

Paper jewelry box is often used for special occasions such as:

  • Ring box used for proposals, birthday or Valentine’s Day
  • Watch box or cufflinks given to partners, superiors and colleagues
  • Or other jewelry gift boxes to give gratitude to customers, family, and friends

All of the above days have in common the need for gift boxes that meet elegant, sophisticated and gorgeous standards. Therefore, jewelry box packaging is the perfect choice to enhance the recipient’s experience, while also showing the delicate investment of the gift giver.

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4 notes to help choose the right jewelry box

When choosing an accessory box, you need to keep in mind some important factors to ensure that the paper box is not only lovely but also fully meets your needs:

1. Material

Choosing jewelry box packaging material should be based on two factors: customer needs and budget. Please refer to the following specific examples:

Mid-range jewelry packaging box

You should use low or medium-cost paper materials such as:

  • Duplex or Ivory paper: With a beautiful white side, it helps print effectively, producing beautiful and sharp prints for small jewelry boxes
  • Kraft paper: Suitable for jewelry boxes that need simplicity, rusticity and environmental friendliness

High-end custom jewelry packaging boxes

For high-end lines, you can refer to materials such as:

  • Art paper: Custom surface can be textured, leatherette or pre-coated with a good emulsion layer
  • Premium leather: Wooden boxes covered with leather are the perfect choice for high-end jewelry packaging

2. Design

The design of the paper jewelry box needs to match the brand’s style and intended use. Specifically, a gift packaging will need an Exquisite design; however, a paper box for daily storage can be designed more simply to reduce costs.

Besides design, you can refer to printing effects applied to the surface of the box to increase the effect, such as foil pressing, metal pressing, and UV/IR coating in logos and brand slogans.

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3. Size

The common point of jewelry is its small size, thinness, and lightness, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate box size to prevent the effectiveness of preservation and display from being reduced.

4. Price

Based on the above 3 factors, you can produce jewelry packaging boxes at a reasonable and suitable price. However, to optimize costs, choose and exchange ideas with a long-time packaging manufacturing company. With experience and knowledge, they will make the most ideal suggestions.


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