When designing paper boxes, you should understand the value of color to make the right choice for what you want to convey to customers. Because each color has a different meaning. In this article, we will help you learn more about the meaning of color when designing paper boxes.

We will introduce you to some of the most common colors. From these main colors, the printing unit can coordinate different colors according to certain rules.

1. Red

This is a color that contains many meanings. Red is the color of love, romance, health, and anger. For Eastern people, red is a color used very commonly as luck.

If you want to express your brand’s values with enthusiasm and dynamism, red is the perfect color.

Red paper boxes will often be popular on occasions such as Tet, Christmas, and anniversaries… Because red paper boxes often create a feeling of strength, enthusiasm, warmth, and kindness…

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2. White

Both Eastern and Western countries see white as the color of minimalism. In particular, Westerners choose white on happy days, most notably the wedding ceremony. In the East, on the contrary, they choose white on a sad day, needing silence. You need to consider these two characteristics when designing the paper box.

White paper boxes often exude elegance, sophistication, and simplicity. This color is very suitable for paper boxes containing technology and fashion products.

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3. Black

Black always carries the meaning of the mystery. This color is not commonly used in the design of paper boxes but is often used in combination with other colors. Black as well as white, can be used to print fashion and technology paper boxes to arouse curiosity.

We easily come across paper boxes that combine the two colors black and white. Often these designs will be printed with very little detail. These types of paper boxes will focus on minimalist elegance, rather than sophistication.

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4. Blue

Blue is a pretty harmonious color. Not too bright, but not too faint either. Blue color means peace and stability. Moreover, when looking at the blue color, you always have a feeling of comfort and peace.

These blue paper gift boxes will be a great choice for any occasion. It doesn’t matter what occasion it is, a gift box with a peaceful blue color can handle it all.

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5. Purple

Purple is the color symbolizing loyalty, nobility, and spirituality. In design, purple is often combined with other colors to create a more prominent and easy-to-see color.

6. Yellow

If you want to find a color that when customers look at the paper box products, they immediately feel joyful, active, and warm, yellow is the perfect color. Yellow represents the dynamism of the brand and product. You can choose this color if you want to design a paper box with an unconventional.

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7. Green

This is a pleasant color. Often present for the love of nature and the environment. Although not as luxurious as white or black, green is popular in designing gift boxes. You can completely choose this color to design for garments, cosmetics, F&B, takeaway products…

The green color is also very popular in products with the meaning of environmental protection. You can easily see paper boxes, paper bags … with green color with the slogan of recycle.

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Choosing a reputable printing company is also very important. Because not only modern machinery and equipment but also related to the production process and human resources. In order to print the right color, customers need to follow the packaging manufacturer closely to produce satisfactory finished products.

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