Large shoe brands with sustainable trends are shifting to producing and using cardboard shoe boxes. This not only minimizes pressure on the environment, but is also an optimized packaging solution.

1. Foldable cardboard shoe box

The first type of shoe box has a unique 1-piece design, with 3 parts: lid – body – bottom were linked together. To build the box, user will operate by folding and installing pre-die-cut holes located on the edges.

Thanks to its convenient structure, this cardboard shoe box model offers advantages such as:

Save space: Paper boxes can be easily folded when not in use, greatly saving storage space.

Environmental protection: Especially the foldable shoe box style will not use glue, tape or staples, but will be fixed with die-cut holes. This minimizes the amount of chemicals and make paper box packaging the safest and most original.

Reusability: This carton packaging is very suitable for use as a storage box, storing documents, creating a neat and tidy living and working space.

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2. Lid and base shoe box

The 2 pieces shoe box consists of two separate parts: bottom and lid. Made from 3 – 5 layers of corrugated, however the box lid can be customized with a higher paper weight to increase durability and hardness.

These characteristics bring advantages to shoe boxes such as:

Sturdiness: Shoe boxes have the ability to protect products safely during transportation.

Stackability: You can stack cardboard shoe boxes on top of each other without fear of strong impacts causing product damage during storage.

Suitable for display: This shoe box model has high durability and sturdy design, so it is suitable for long-term display in retail stores.


3. Cardboard sneaker box with ventilation holes

With a flexible design, it can be a folding box or 2 pieces of lid and base, however this model will have additional ventilation holes, suitable for product preservation purposes.

Besides, carton shoe box model 3 will have additional advantages such as:

Good preservation: Vent design helps air circulation. This will keep the shoes cool and avoid mold.

Increase customer experience: Have you ever encountered an unpleasant situation when buying a new pair of shoes that smell of plastic and fabric? This carton shoe box structure with ventilation holes will solve the odor problem, giving customers a comfortable experience.

Easy classification: Shoe boxes have ventilation holes to help users easily identify the products inside, easily classify and save time searching.

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Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste are released into the environment, causing major pollution problems. Therefore, producing carton shoe boxes in retail is one of the solutions to protect the environment.

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