Giving gifts is an art in business to create and strengthen relationships. An unique gift box will help your business leave a mark in the hearts of recipients.

Khang Thanh suggest 5 ideas for producing corporate gift boxes at good and different prices.

Choose gifts box suitable for each occasion

Choosing suitable gift box present not only brings joy to the recipient but also shows the thoughtfulness and sophistication of the business.

1. New Year box for presents

The type of gift holder that businesses invest in and produce every year is the New Year gift box. Popular dishes are traditional candies, tea and wine.

Refering to the following ideas to build your own outstanding and unique gift box:

  • 3D pop-up card with New Year greetings
  • Company publications such as handbooks, desk calendars, etc.
  • Attach lucky money envelopes printed with company logo and slogan
  • The gift box has a transparent window to see the gifts inside
  • Insert a shaped tray to hold the gift

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2. Gift box company anniversary

If New Year’s gift boxes tend to be colorful like red, yellow, pink… then company anniversary boxes for present should choose elegant style and prioritize the color of the business to create a certain impression.

Besides, the gift box for this occasion needs to be large and sturdy enough to hold heavy products such as medals, high-end stationery, or souvenirs with the company’s logo and message.

You can refer to producing 1 of the following 5 popular gift box styles:

  1. Lid and base box with sturdy shaped tray
  2. Large pull out gift box for presents
  3. Luxurious magnetic open lid box
  4. Gift box with handle
  5. Custom gift boxes upon request
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3. Employee birthday

Giving birthday gifts is a way for businesses to show care and encouragement to employees. To optimize production, birthday gift boxes should be designed to be gender-neutral, and suitable for all ages.

In addition, the box should be compactly designed to save storage space, and produced in moderate quantities to facilitate design changes in the following years.

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4. Christmas gift box

Another holiday of the year that businesses like to give meaningful gifts is Christmas.

The advantage of Christmas gift boxes is that the festive colors are very eye-catching. The box can be red, green, and white, combined with Christmas symbols such as pine trees and Santa Claus.

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5. Gift boxes for special events of the business

Besides traditional occasions, businesses can bring gifts during other special occasions such as Women’s Day, or special industry events.

The idea that makes this gift box special is its unique design. From colors, images to the smallest details, everything should represent the style of business.

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gift-box-present-idea (7)

Choose suitable paper material

The paper material will determine two main factors of the gift box: quality and price. Specifically, choosing the right paper material will produce a gift box printed with the desired color, standard effects and reasonable price.

2024 is the year towards rusticity, green lifestyle and environmental protection. Therefore, the following 5 paper materials will be a suitable choice:

1. Duplex paper

Duplex paper has a 2-sided structure with one white side and one brown side. 3 advantages of Duplex paper suitable for gift boxes are:

  1. This paper has a certain thickness and strength to protect gifts
  2. One side is not coated to preserve the rustic look of the gift box
  3. Easy to find and buy at good price
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2. Ivory paper

Ivory paper has two equally white sides, however one side will be coated and the other side uncoated. With this characteristic, Ivory paper will be suitable for making high-end corporate gift boxes such as publication boxes, electronic gift boxes or jewelry boxes.

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3. FSC kraft paper

Gift boxes made from kraft paper will retain the typical rustic look while still being neat. In addition, gift boxes made from FSC kraft paper will mean environmental protection and high reusability.

Khang Thanh is proud to be a manufacturer of packaging from kraft paper that meets FSC standards. Besides gift boxes, producing FSC high-quality hard boxes and gift bags is also our strength.

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4. Chipboard paper makes high-quality gift box

Businesses that need to invest in producing high-quality gift boxes should refer to sturdy and form-fitting chipboard paper material.

Besides its sturdy structure, chipboard paper also has high durability, then an ability to protect the product is very strong.

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5. Art paper

Last but not least, art paper is also the preferred choice for high-end gift boxes that businesses often use.

Although the price is the highest among the 5 types, the finished gift box product meets the highest standards and is the most beautiful. Besides, art paper also has advantages:

  • Good ink adhesion helps gift boxes last over time
  • Paper is highly durable, suitable for producing high-quality gift boxes
  • Large quantity production saves costs
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Choose unique effects for gift box

The unique effect will highlight the design and increase the aesthetics of the gift box. You can apply surface effects to print company names, slogans or greetings.

The following effect gift box present ideas can help:

  • Outstanding effects: metallic foil, glitter coating or UV coating to shape the details
  • Stimulating tactile effects: debossed, embossed or laminated
  • Simple but luxurious effect: glossy lamination or matte surface lamination

Use unique accessories

Accessories that come with gift boxes such as ribbons, greeting cards, or small decorative details can add value and sophistication to the gift box.

Let’s build your own gift box with with attached accessories:

  • Silk ribbon: Use soft silk ribbon to tie gift boxes
  • Greeting cards: Design cards with specific wishes for each occasion
  • Decorative details: Small details such as dried flowers, bows, or charms attached to the gift box
  • Setting tray: Insert an offset printed shaping tray to hold the gift in place
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Choose a reputable manufacturing company

A reputable packaging production unit not only ensures product quality but also helps you save time and costs. In particular, they will support you in all steps, from design to production to create a unique gift box.

So what are the criteria for evaluating a reputable gift box manufacturing company? Khang Thanh suggests you the following 5 standards:

  1. Choose a unit with many years of experience in the manufacturing field
  2. Comprehensive customer care team
  3. The production process is clear and transparent
  4. After-sales service

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Let us help you make a difference and connect strongly with customers with reasonalbe price and unique gift boxes.


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