Wholesale boxes for gifts are not only a convenient packaging solution but also bring sentimental value to the recipient. With a variety of designs and reasonable prices, retail gift boxes are becoming the preferred choice of many consumers and businesses.

5 typical advantages of wholesale gift boxes

Undeniably, retail gift boxes are very convenient because of the variety of designs and affordable prices. So what other advantages does this gift packaging have?

High applicability

Wholesale gift box is highly applicable and suitable for many different uses. First, you need to determine the size of the present and the purpose of giving. Then, go to your nearest retail store, where there will be hundreds of gift box designs for you to choose from, ranging in style, size and color.

In addition, it is not because of popularity and diversity that gift box designs become popular. Today, with advanced and automated technology, the production of retail gift packaging can produce very diverse designs to suit every occasion.

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User friendly retail gift box

One of the outstanding advantages of wholesale gift box packaging is convenience and ease of use. With a smart design, the present box can be assembled and opened easily without tools.

This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of damaging the product inside. Furthermore, ease of use also helps increase the recipient’s experience, making gift giving more attractive.

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Reasonable and competitive price

The cost of the wholesale gift box packaging is also a big plus. Compared to making handmade boxes or choosing exclusive rigid boxes, retail gift boxes will be more affordable while still ensuring quality.

This advantage is especially important for small and medium-sized retailers, helping them save costs while still distributing many product lines that suit a variety of customer needs.

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Environmentally friendly retail gift boxes: Export opportunities

Wholesale boxes for gifts are now manufactured with environmentally friendly materials. This meets the strict standards of the international market, thereby increasing the ability to export packaging.

In particular, gift packaging made from FSC paper are very popular for two reasons: transparent origin and the ability to bring high profits. Khang Thanh, with 20 years of experience specializing in producing FSC paper packaging, can provide sustainable packaging solutions that meet export standards.

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Variety of wholesale gift boxes

The diversity of designs, sizes and materials of retail gift boxes is one of the factors that attract consumers.

Not only that, you can also customize the gift packaging as required, from choosing colors, patterns to printing your own logo or message. This diversity makes it easy to find a retail gift box model suitable for every occasion and audience.

More specifically, the types of gift boxes commonly distributed at retail stores that you can easily find include:

  1. Wholesale gift box can be folded
  2. Gift box with high quality magnet
  3. 2-piece box with separate lid and bottom
  4. Drawer retails gift packaging
  5. Customized box for presents

Notes when producing wholesale boxes for gifts

To produce quality and satisfactory retail gift boxes, there are some important notes that you need to pay attention to.

Note 1: Choose the appropriate paper material

Firstly, material selection is the key factor. Paper materials not only affect durability but also ink absorption and gift box aesthetics.

Paper materials commonly used in the production of box for presents are:

  • Kraft paper: Gives a rustic look and a good price
  • Ivory or Duplex paper: Neat appearance and high ink adhesion
  • Chipboard paper: Sturdy and suitable for making high-end gift boxes
  • Or other types of high-cost paper such as art paper, silk paper…
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Note 2: Choose a box structure that is easy to manufacture and easy to use

Secondly, you need to choose the box structure carefully and should prioritize gift box styles that can be made automatically and are easy to produce to save costs.

Refer to the variety of wholesale gift boxes structures to choose a satisfactory gift packaging model here.

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Note 3: Use printing effects

To upgrade gift packaging, you can refer to printing effects that can be applied on the surface of box for presents.

Although this is an optional step, having a gift packaging with eye-catching effects will stimulate the eyes and have high marketing capabilities, attracting customers. Please refer to the following effects:

  • Glossy or matte lamination
  • Foil pressing or detailed needle pressing
  • Debossing and embossing
  • Combining IR/UV/Varnish coating increases the effect
  • Unique glitter coating
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Typical wholesale boxes for gifts models

On the market today, there are many retail gift box models for customers to choose from. Below are some typical models with 3 criteria: easy to find and buy – good price – high applicability

The gift box can be folded

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Wholesale gift boxes with lids


Gift box with high quality magnet


Drawer gift box


Environmentally friendly kraft gift box


Custom gift box

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In conclusion, retail gift boxes are popular because they have many advantages that bring many economic benefits to businesses and consumer needs. In addition, choosing the right gift box will help you convey your message of love and make a deep impression on the recipient.

Let our retail gift boxes help you perfectly convey your message of love. Contact Khang Thanh now to receive a quote and explore options that suit your needs.


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