Paper carton packaging is commonly used for many different purposes, the most common being long-distance transportation and large quantities of products. Because it is light, easy to change the style, and convenient.

What is carton packaging?

Carton is a familiar paper packaging product used in transporting goods and is produced in a variety of forms depending on customer needs.

It consists of 3 main types of cartons:

1. Corrugated carton: This box is assembled from many pieces of carton made from kraft pulp and cardboard with different levels of waves. After being corrugated on the machine, each type will have its own wave proportional to the strength of each type – pressure resistance. The advantage of this type is its durability and good bearing capacity.

2. Hole carton: This is a form used a lot in containing cakes and lightweight products.

3. Master carton: This is the largest and easiest carton to produce because the technical requirements are not too strict. Therefore, the cost of this type is also cheaper and is used for the purposes of transporting, storing, packing …


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Application of cartons

Because carton packaging has advantages that rarely can be replaced by any other packaging. In the future, it has many more opportunities to go further.

The common applications of carton box packaging are:

• Store personal items: clothes, shoes, accessories…

• Store business supplies: documents, tools, presents…

• Packing, delivering, and storage.

• Food storage: dry food, frozen goods…

• Decoration, recycling, reusing.

With the creativity of buyer needs, carton box packaging is increasingly popular because it is not only widely produced and easy to buy, but also ensures the aesthetics of each product.

Currently, along with the era of technology development, carton products also have many cases participating in the marketing process of branded products, significantly increasing their competitiveness.


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Where should I buy carton packaging?

You can easily find these products at specialized stores that sell cartons, wholesale and retail boxes, or stationery stores.

Particularly for businesses who want to order in large quantities and design on demand, reputable OEM/ ODM paper packaging companies will be the first choice.


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