A lovely box for present not only protects the product but is also an important part of showing the care of the giver.

Let’s explore 10 decorative gift box designs that help enhance the recipient’s experience and making your gift special.

10 pretty and decorative boxes for gift designs

Gift box production at Khang Thanh focuses on 3 goals: good price, beautiful and suitable packaging. Therefore, the designs below are classified according to usage needs and special features of the gift box.

1. Large box for present

Large gift boxes are the perfect choice for big gifts or many small gifts combined. Besides, the advantage of this present packaging is its large size makes it convenient to print meticulous details and freely create the gift box structure.

pretty-box-for-present (1)

2. Gift box with lid

Decorative gift boxes with lids provide discreetness, privacy and luxury. In addition, this packaging type often use shaped trays to divide compartments and keep gifts more secure.

This premium gift box is very suitable for annual occasions such as birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day thanks to its ease of use and user friendliness.

pretty-box-for-present (2)

3. Decorative gift box with handle

Gift boxes with handle is not only convenient for transportation but also create a unique look. This is the ideal choice for high-end gifts such as wine, perfume, medals or watches.

The handle can be made from different materials such as leather, ribbon or fabric, depending on the style of the box for present.

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pretty-box-for-present (3)

4. Box for gift with ribbon

Gift boxes are made of multi sturdy pieces assembled, and ribbons are accessories that create a soft highlight for the box for presents.

Undeniably, a cute gift box with a skillfully tied ribbon will bring romance and sophistication that is very suitable for female recipients, girlfriends, mothers or teachers.

pretty-box-for-present (4)

5. Small gift box

If a large box allows you to unleash your creativity in box structure, a small gift box will have a more streamlined but no less sophisticated design.

This cute gift box style will be suitable for storing jewelry, perfume, watches or cosmetics. In addition, to increase the neatness, you can combine a paper bag with a greeting card attached.

pretty-box-for-present (5)

6. Cute gift box with message

Sometimes we are afraid to express our wishes through words, so a gift box with a cute greeting printed on it will be the right choice for you. Depending on the occasion when you give the gift, the message will change accordingly.

In addition, the ideal place to print wishes is the front or back of the box lid and the inside of the box body. These are the locations that are most easily seen and impressed by the recipient.

pretty-box-for-present (6)
pretty-box-for-present (7)

7. 3D decorative gift box

If you need to find a box for present that attracts attention and makes a strong impression, a box decorated with 3D images will do the job well.

With outstandingly designed patterns and images, 3D gift boxes will definitely bring excitement to those who love novelty and creativity.

pretty-box-for-present (8)
pretty-box-for-present (9)

8. Lovely present box

Compared with the above models, this type of box for gift will have a popular design and is easy to use for all occasions.

Specifically, this box will not print a specific occasion, but will only focus on lovely designs, meticulous patterns and neutral colors to suit all needs. It can be said that the simplicity of this gift box is the factor that creates popularity and convenience.

pretty-box-for-present (10)

9. Personalize the gift box

As the name suggests, this type of present packaging will highlight the individuality of the giver. Particularly, this lovely box for present has a design that reflects the giver’s style, helping the recipient easily identify whose gift belongs to.

This can be a corporate box for gift to thank customers or a personal designed for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries.

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pretty-box-for-present (11)

10. Cute gift box for occasions

Cute gift boxes are suitable for many different occasions, from birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… The common point of present packaging is the printing that clearly shows the gift occasion. Besides, colors and prints will be chosen to be bright and suitable for the corresponding occasion.

pretty-box-for-present (12)

Effect for lovely box for present

Pretty gift box is one that takes care of both the outside and the recipient’s inner feelings. Therefore, applying popular printing effects to gift boxes will show the thoughtfulness of the giver.

Khang Thanh introduces you to printing effect ideas you can apply to make gift boxes more impressive:

  • Gloss and matte lamination: Protects the box surface while keeping the ink layer durable.
  • Embossed, dembossed: Stimulates the sense of touch and creates a luxurious feeling for the gift box.
  • Hot foil pressing: Highlight printing details, especially using hard gift boxes and large gift boxes to see clear effects.
  • And other effects: Diecut, Hologram, Metalize, Glitter, and combination of IR/UV/Varnish coating
pretty-box-for-present (13)

Adding accessories to your prettty box for present

To make the gift box more special, you can add small accessories such as handwritten greeting cards, dried flowers, scented candles or pretty little decorations.

These accessories not only beautify the gift box but also show the meticulousness and thoughtfulness of the giver.

pretty-box-for-present (15)

Do you want your gifts to be special and impressive? Don’t hesitate to contact Khang Thanh to receive a quote and advice on lovely box for present.


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