Luxury boxes not only help protect the product, but also show the care of the giver.

Are you looking for high-end box models to create a highlight for your gift? Let’s explore the most popular and classy options today.

5 luxury box gifts you may love

The common points of rigid boxes are their sturdy materials and sophisticated design. However, the unique difference is their highly functional and creative structure.

Large rigid box with magnet

Big magnet luxury gift boxes are one of the top choices for high-end presents such as wine, jewelry, or technology products.

The hidden magnet design will make opening and closing the box easy and user-friendly.

Should choose:

  • Prefer luxury packaging boxes with strong magnets to ensure a tight seal
  • Luxury gift box has a shaped tray to hold the present tightly


  • Improper magnet distribution boxes cause burden and increase costs

Foldable box for gift

Folding rigid boxes are the perfect solution to save space when not in use. In addition, this high-end box packaging often uses multi-layer cardboard and covers the surface with art paper for printing.

This is an intelligent way to reduce weight while maintaining the rigidity and aesthetics of the luxury box gifts.

Should choose:

  • Gift box has die-cutting lines, convenient for folding
  • Choose a magnet box for gift for a smooth box-building experience


  • Choose a box that does not have built-in glue or joints
  • The structure is loose and uncertain

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Luxury box with lid

Rigid boxes with lids, or 2-piece boxes, are the most popular gift packaging models thanks to their high applicability.

In other words, luxury rigid boxes with lids are suitable for gifts such as souvenirs, cosmetics, or high-end jewelry.

Should choose:

  • Make sure the box has a tight-fitting lid to protect the gifts inside
  • Sturdy box made from Chipboard paper to ensure the sturdy structure


  • The lid and bottom are too wide or too tight, leading to an uncomfortable experience

High-quality gift box with drawers

This type of gift box is designed like a mysterious drawer, creating a feeling of curiosity in the recipient. This premium gift box packaging is also ideal for storing small products such as jewelry, watches, or fashion accessories.

Should choose:

  • Gift packaging operates smoothly
  • Should be combined with a velvet tray to increase sophistication and elegance


  • Luxury packaging boxes do not have a handle, making it challenging to pull

Custom luxury boxes

Premium custom gift box packaging is the right choice for customers who want to create a one-of-a-kind box design. The biggest advantage of a custom luxury box is that you can create the box structure as you like without having to follow any existing standards or samples.

Should choose:

  • Choosing a highly skilled packaging company to ensure premium gift packaging meets the requirements
  • Unique custom luxury boxes to use for display and decorative purposes


  • Do not make test samples before mass production

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How to select suitable luxury boxes?

Besides choosing a satisfactory rigid box design, many other points must be addressed to produce luxury boxes that meet your needs.

Determine intended use

First, determine the purpose of use and the occasion for choosing the appropriate luxury box design.

For example, a jewelry box will differ from a wine box in size, design details, and structure. Therefore, determining the purpose will save time and the cost of making sturdy luxury gift box samples.


Choosing material

There are 2 ways to help you choose the suitable material: depending on the inside gift and your budget. You can refer to how to select gifts as follows:

  • Rigid wine box: Should use Chipboard covered with Duplex paper or sturdy wood covered with leather.
  • Small jewelry luxury boxes: You should use high-quality Duplex or Ivory paper of 350 gsm or more to ensure stiffness.
  • Premium gift packaging for souvenirs: Consider using Kraft paper to make rustic look but still neat and sophisticated luxury gift boxes.

Design and print images

Besides popular printing technologies such as offset printing, flexo printing, rotogravure, and silk printing, you can refer to the technical effects that can be applied to the surface of luxury packaging boxes to increase sophistication:

  • Glossy lamination protects the surface from scratches
  • Embossing/debossing logos and images
  • UV/IR/Varnish coating of small details
  • Or 3D design to increase visibility

Quality checking

Always request samples and check gift box quality before placing a bulk order to ensure the product meets your requirements.

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Advantages of producing luxury boxes at Khang Thanh

With nearly 20 years of operation in packaging production, Khang Thanh specializes in providing luxury boxes in general and paper packaging in particular with the motto: “Put product quality as the focus. Customer benefits are the key.”

Therefore, when trusting Khang Thanh with the packaging production plan, we are ready to ensure:

  • Quality products: Using high quality and suitable raw materials to ensure the quality of finished products meets the expectations.
  • Creative packaging ideas: With the R&D team, Khang Thanh is ready to bring unique, beautiful box models that match market trends.
  • Competitive prices: Consulting from raw materials to optimal production processes will help the cooperation achieve competitive and appropriate prices.
  • Comprehensive solution: “One Stop Packaging Solution” is the solution Khang Thanh aims to directly handle customers’ requests and desires quickly, correctly, and comprehensively.

Let Khang Thanh work with you to create truly special and meaningful luxury gift boxes. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote:


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