Choosing a suitable sturdy gift box not only protects the product but also sends a message of meticulousness and care.

Besides that meaning, let’s find out other benefits of this sturdy gift packaging via today’s blog.

Features of sturdy gift box

Sturdy gift boxes are made from high quality materials with a weight of 200 – 350 gsm to ensure durability and sturdiness. There are 3 main types of materials commonly used:

  • Chipboard
  • Corrugated paper with 3, 5 and 7 layer carton
  • Especially sturdy wood material

However, to increase aesthetics, sturdy gift boxes will be laminated with a layer of smooth paper for printing information, images and effects.

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Benefits of rigid gift packaging

Besides good protection, carefully designed sturdy boxes bring many other benefits such as:

Bearing capacity and impact resistance

The sturdy gift box is designed with high strength and impact resistance, so it can well protect fragile or high-value products.

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Customized style, color and texture

Nowadays, customers are increasingly making requests to improve gift boxes that need creativity and newness. Therefore, with diverse materials, rigid boxes can completely meet customer requirements.

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Suitable for special occasions and high-end presents

Thanks to its premium appearance, rigid gift boxes are the ideal choice for occasions that require luxury such as anniversaries, visits, birthdays or New Year’s occasions.

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3 types of popular sturdy gift boxes

Based on 3 main materials, Khang Thanh introduces you to luxury boxes for gifts models that are easy to find and can be used for most important occasions of the year.

Rigid boxes for presents

The first type of gift packaging is made from a layer of high quality chipboard and an additional layer of paper such as Duplex, Ivory or Kraft for printing and creating effects.


  • Wide applicability
  • Achieve high efficiency when printing and processing surface effects
  • Reasonable price when producing large quantities


  • Need high order quantity to optimize costs

Application: Present box will be suitable for storing gifts from industries such as cosmetics, fashion, beauty…

  • Large gift boxes for wine
sturdy-gift-boxes (5)
  • Sturdy box for storing cosmetics
sturdy-gift-boxes (6)
  • Perfume magnetic rigid box
sturdy-gift-boxes (7)
  • Or small sturdy gift box for watches, jewelry
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Sturdy gift box from multi-layer cardboard

Next, this gift box type is not combined with art paper, so it will have the simple and rustic colors typical of cardboard paper.


  • Reasonable price
  • High recyclability
  • User-friendly rustic gift box appearance


  • Waterproofing ability is not high
  • The printing process requires many steps to achieve the desired color

Application: Suitable for storing gifts such as electronics, kitchen appliances, or souvenirs.

  • Cardboard gift box for cosmetics
sturdy-gift-boxes (9)
  • Foldable rigid gift box for clothes
sturdy-gift-boxes (10)
  • Sturdy gift box with lid for souvenirs
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Wooden gift box

Finally, the most luxurious sturdy gift box design is packaging made from wood covered with leather to hold high-end gifts such as wine, watches, jewelry or souvenirs from glass and crystal.


  • Meticulous and sophisticated from materials to design, the perfect choice for important occasions
  • High customization and creativity
  • Suitable for applying complex, high-end printing and production techniques


  • High price
  • Experience and high skills are required for production

Application: Leather gift boxes are the ideal choice for wine, watches, and jewelry products.

  • High quality leather wine box
sturdy-gift-boxes (12)
  • Luxurious wooden box for wine
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Production process of sturdy gift boxes

In order to ensure the quality of finished products, the longtime packaging manufacturing company will have a methodical and strict production process. Specifically, it will include the following 5 basic steps:

1. Unify ideas

First, the customer and manufacturer need to agree on the idea, design and gift box model.

At this step, the packaging company will suggest options that can optimize the production process and save costs.

2. Making sample

After agreeing on the idea, the sample process is created to test the design. Besides, the sample box will help customers better visualize the product, as well as make appropriate adjustments if any.

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3. Printing hard box packaging

This is the first step in the process of producing sturdy gift boxes. At this stage, packaging printing technologies will be applied such as offset printing, flexo, or silk printing.

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4. Post-printing processing stage

After printing, processing steps such as adding surface effects, cutting shapes or gluing, laminating will be performed to complete the sturdy gift packaging.

5. Quality checking

Finally, the processed rigid gift box will be thoroughly checked for quality by the Quality Control team before being delivered to customer.

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Sturdy gift packaging solution at Khang Thanh

Producing sturdy gift boxes, especially leather boxes requires choosing an experienced, highly skilled packaging company with advanced production facilities.

With nearly 20 years of efforts to provide comprehensive high-end packaging solutions, Khang Thanh with skilled staff and advanced machinery system is ready to accompany you to bring the unique gift box design ideas into reality.

If you are looking for a comprehensive high-end packaging solution, contact Khang Thanh for advice and quotes on sturdy, delicate and durable gift box models.


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