Quality carton packaging plays a very important role in the manufacturer’s packaging process. So what is the standard of carton boxes? The following article will point out various factors that you can consider to evaluate the quality of carton packaging.

The factors to evaluate the quality of cartons are given to help individuals and businesses… choose the right product for their needs. The quality is as required, and the efficiency of using carton packaging will be fully utilized.

Nowadays, carton packaging is widely used for every product. This packaging makes the process of packing and preserving goods, and items… easier, more organized, and safer. Besides, carton boxes are produced with diverse quality, but the quality evaluation factor lies in certain aspects. Here are the factors you need to consider to choose the right quality carton packaging.


One of the factors that determine the quality of carton packaging is the paper weight. Grams per Square Meter (g/m2) is the weight of the paper if you take a sheet of material one meter by one-meter square and weigh it in grams. ​​It is a benchmark specification to meet production manufacturing requirements. Abbreviated as GSM.

The thinner the paper weight, the thinner the paper, the larger the paper weight, the thicker the paper. This factor helps customers choose the right packaging for their needs. If using cartons for delicate items, you can choose from 125-150gsm. If using carton boxes for heavier materials, you can use cartons with a weight of 300gm or more.

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Carton size

Currently, carton packaging is produced in diverse sizes. Quality packaging product is the type of packaging that is the right size for your intended use. Pre-calculating and balancing the size of goods in advance will help you choose the packaging that is easy for packing and preserving goods.

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The flatness of carton packaging

This is one of the factors that many people care about when determining the quality of cartons. Because this factor will determine the printing and coating ability of the paper. The greater the flatness, the higher the printing and coating ability. For businesses that use cartons to pack goods, as gifts, this factor is very important.

If you need print quality, create a beautiful image on the package, and double-check the flatness of the paper packaging carefully. Beautiful flat carton paper, the colors, and images are sharp and clear.


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Therefore, the above factors determine whether the process of using your carton is effective or not. Moreover, choosing a reputable carton packaging supplier is extremely important. Because the company will have a professional consulting process for you.

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