Gift paper bags are a highly practical choice with flexible custom designs. Let’s find out what makes gift bags unique and the top choice for special occasions.

Various paper gift bag designs and sizes

Paper gift bags come in various layouts and dimensions to suit most customer needs.

From small bags containing short gifts such as notebooks, wallets, and souvenirs to large bags for handbags, shoes, or clothes. ODM paper packaging manufacturing companies can meet all sizes.

However, if you need regular-sized paper bags, both retail stores and e-commerce channels can supply:

  • Size S (Small): 7x5x10 cm; 10x6x12 cm; 10x5x10 cm
  • Size M (Medium): 14x10x17 cm; 15x6x20 cm; 20x10x30 cm
  • Size L (Large): 30x15x35 cm; 40x20x40 cm

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paper gift bag 1

Diverse types of bag straps to suit your needs

One thing that makes a gift bag more elegant is the handle. Currently, strap materials are very diverse, but they all have one thing in common: using straps made entirely from paper or minimizing plastic to protect the environment.

Depending on the handle type, the gift bag will have a different feel and appearance. Khang Thanh suggests popular styles:

  • Gift bags with handles are 100% recycled paper, protecting the environment
  • Bag straps made from fabric or ribbon are light and soft
  • Leather handles for luxury gifts
  • Die-cut the handle directly at the mouth of the bag to save costs
  • This flexibility creates comfort for the user and increases the product’s aesthetic value.
paper gift bag 5

High-quality offset printing technique for gift bags

With high-end offset printing technology, gift bags will have extremely sharp images and vivid colours and show meticulousness in design.

This feature is also a significant factor when you choose an OEM/ODM company to produce paper gift bags. A reputable packaging printing company will focus on investing in machinery and strict production processes, bringing a comprehensive experience to customers.

paper gift bag 3

Unique bag packaging effect

To make offset printed paper bags perfect and neat, please refer to the following packaging effects to help upgrade your gift bag.

  • Cover the surface or position it with glitter
  • Glossy lamination protects the surface and prints durable over time
  • Embossing/ debossing images, wishes, and brand names
  • Laminating/ foiling makes gift bags luxurious

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paper gift bag 2

Paper gift bags – Multi-function, multi-purpose

Besides the primary function of giving affection and care, paper bags can be recycled entirely for different purposes after giving gifts.

Khang Thanh suggests ideas for recycling paper gift bags that can be easily applied in everyday life:

  • Use as shopping bags, replacing disposable plastic bags
  • Bring personal belongings to work, such as water bottles and lunch boxes…
  • Dividing and storing items helps keep the space tidy
  • Decorate living and working spaces
paper gift bag 6

It can be seen that using paper bags is not only highly effective in creating memorable moments. These are small, simple steps that can be applied every day in reusing paper bags and protecting the environment.

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